Associated Press – Mainstream news feed

Reuters News Feed – Mainstream news feed

The Huffington Post – Breaking news and political commentary

The Nation – Investigative news and progressive commentary

Info Wars – Alex Jones exposing power structures

Democracy Now – Investigative news and progressive commentary


Matt Taibbi – True slant: edgy, truthful and funny commentary

Rulers of us all – Exposing global control groups

Libertarian in Costa Rica – Great blog about life in Costa Rica and commentary about Liberty.

Political Support

Ron Paul – Campaign for Liberty

Dennis Kucinich – Working for the people

Alan Grayson – Exposing the Fed and speaking the truth

Bernie Sanders – Socialist senator for the people

Organizations & Activism

Sustainable Business Network – Online community for businesses and organizations to promote green products and services and share knowledge.

Zeitgeist Movement – Join the movement for a sustainable planet and society.

Freedom Force –  Global group promoting individual liberty

We Are Change – Group seeking the truth about 911 and trying to stop global government

911 Truth Seekers – Loose Change movie and group questioning official events of 911

Progressive Libertarian – Protect your liberty and look out for each other

Foreign Investing and Relocation

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing – Invest in the “greenest and happiest” nation on earth

Costa Rica Relocation – Relocation experts to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate – Real estate listings in Costa Rica

Foreign Investment Firm – Peter Schiff’s investment firm

Nature of Reality

David Icke – Free your mind from control

Michio Kaku – Cutting-edge theoretical physics


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