Resistance with Cameras not Guns

In Civil Liberties, Fed Reserve, First Amendment, G-20 Protests, Liberty, Police State, Ron Paul on October 31, 2009 at 11:17 pm

There is a movement happening in America of resistance with a camera.  Thousands of informed young people are getting active.  They are disillusioned with the government and are tired of losing their individual rights under the Constitution.

Groups like We Are Change and Checkpoint USA are using the internet to inform the general public about the true state of America.  Armed with knowledge and cameras they record town hall meetings on subjects relating to liberties.  They attend protests to cover the police state tactics being used on peaceful assemblies.  They go through random checkpoints to record themselves resisting  searches without probable cause.

This growing number of street reporters is not only clogging the system, but also turning some powerful heads.  We Are Change, for example, has been engaged in ambush journalism on many members of the powerful elite.  They are truly becoming a thorn in the side of the establishment with this NON-violent tactic.

Read a new article on this tactic here.



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