Swine Flu Emergency Fraud

In Civil Liberties, FEMA, Health Care Reform, Liberty, National Emergency, Swine Flu on October 26, 2009 at 6:41 pm

WAKE UP America! They are selling fear.  Swine flu is not a National Emergency.  Which begs the question why declare it one?  There was surprisingly little coverage of this “Emergency” on the news stations who call a weather balloon for 8 hours Breaking News. And there was absolutely NO coverage on what a National Emergency means except for fluff about health professionals being able to move quicker to “help” people.

It always starts as a voluntary measure until authorities make it so painful to resist that all must comply.  And now they have the authorization through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to force action with military use.  It smells like another “mushroom cloud” FEAR moment and the consequences for Americans may be far more dramatic than an unprovoked war for oil.  This is about quarantine power, Martial law power,  travel restrictions, profits for Big Pharma, and the blatant poisoning of you and your children.  This is a false flag event to to implement a “benevolent” war against your liberty to make choices about your own health.  Refuse the vaccination!

The helpless pregnant sheep and young lambs are now following fear orders and flocking to “health” centers to get their multi-dose inoculation.  Be sure and get your tattoo as well to prove to authorities that you have been protected so you don’t get rounded up in the coming raid.  Wake Up Sheeple!


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