Congressman Grayson Speaks Truth to Power

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Let’s be clear – health care reform is a LIFE or DEATH issue. Insurance companies maximize their profit by running monopolistic “death panels”, where they deny coverage, drop coverage, and influence doctors.  They, unlike the government, have motivation to get between you and your doctor – it’s called PROFIT.

Americans are growing increasingly angry at the government’s ineptness to fix health care and their outright pandering to every industry. People are needlessly dying or going broke under the current system and it’s got to change.

Freshman Congressman Alan Grayson (D – Florida) recently gave a controversial speech on the House floor where he claimed Republican’s lack of a health care plan encourages the sick to “die quickly” because that helps insurance company profits. Grayson’s theatrical antics angered Republicans who immediately demanded an apology.

He answered those calls the very next day on the House floor with an apology to the “dead” and the uninsured sick who will continue to die as Republicans stonewall any meaningful reform of the broken health care system.

Grayson’s deliberately over-the-top comments successfully put opponents of health care reform on the defensive for the first time in decades. He pointed to a recent Harvard study that determined the current system is killing ten times the amount of Americans as 9-11 or the Iraq War – EVERY YEAR.

So rare is it that a democrat uses offensive rhetoric that his comments created a huge stir in the media. To answer the media feeding frenzy, Grayson glided on to the set of CNN’s The Situation Room just as the panel was referring to him as a “nut job”, and he graciously acknowledged the entire group individually.

Wolf Blitzer and his regular pack of political “analysts”, regrettably smelling easy prey, feverishly interrupted each other to take a bite at the congressman. Clearly believing he has truth on his side, Grayson fearlessly dominated the hack pack with conviction, passion and sincerity in defense of his position.

Not only did he not back down and apologize to republicans or foaming-at-the-mouth TV news “repeaters”, he insisted that it is they who should apologize to the American people for stonewalling while more citizens die. When accused of insulting republicans, without pause, he countered “what the republicans have been doing is an insult to America…these are foot-dragging, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.”

The panel, including Blitzer, was clearly outmatched in the face of fiercely defended principles. The satellite observer, James Carville, was impressed with the Congressmen’s courage, and later warned that the Congressman’s life would be different now that he took the gloves off.

Grayson drew a line in the sand on health care with “Roveian” political brilliance. His bold statements made two clear political choices on health care reform, you’re either for it or you’re…
1. Causing more Americans to die
2. Owned by the insurance industry

Additionally, feeling as though the republicans are not going to concede on anything, he became the Alpha dog for the democrats, by reminding the spineless majority leadership that it’s their turn to govern and solve problems with or without republican approval.

Speaking truth to power in today’s political arena is so rare that even folks like Carville who used to appear as mavericks, are now seemingly on the take along with the majority of elected officials and their supporting hacks.

Grayson is fast becoming a truth to power Hero going after the Federal Reserve for more transparency, as well as his battle with private contractors that defraud the American taxpayer.  Support Grayson…there aren’t many more like him.

  1. Government does have a motive. It is called politics. Politics is designed to consolidate power which in turn creates PROFIT for the politically connected at the expense of the PEOPLE. The study you cite is not a Harvard Study, and your link shows that the only support you have for this argument are Grayson’s words on the floor. Typical. The study was done by a faction (look it up in the Federalist Papers) called Physicians for National Health Program. The 40,000 or 45,000 figure was extrapolated out of a shaky statistical analysis of 9,000. There are lies, damned lies and statistics. Yes people fall through the cracks in our system as they do in any system. Yes, reform is needed. But what Democrats are trying to shove down our throats is not reform, but an expansion and entrenchment of the status quo. Look at who is supporting the current vapor legislation, the AMA, Insurers, Medical manufacturers … AARP, which stands to gain from its own MediGap programs if Medicare Advantage is cut as has been proposed. Republican plans include: Expansion of HSA’s – allowing people to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for healthcare and keep the $$ they don’t spend – how is that catering to the insurance industry? Allowing people to buy any policy they want from any state – how is that catering to the insurers or any special interest? Government subsidies for the poor to buy the health care they choose? how is that letting people die? Tort reform – a thorn in the side of lawyers who support democrats. You write not the truth, but the propaganda of lobbyists common to useful idiots of the left.

    • You make a strong case that politics is the problem. I completely agree. But then you make the case for the Republican talking points. After 8 years of COMPLETE failure, save your BS political argument. I happen to think they are all sell outs. They’re all owned, and the final bill will undoubtedly be a give-away to the Health Industry.

      The reason I defended Grayson is because he showed conviction for helping people that are dying. Do I wish he was less partisan? – Yes. But he successfully got everyone off their asses to do SOMETHING.

      If we actually care about health and helping people, the entire system would be not-for-profit and everyone knows it. Everything else is a pander to companies who vampire profit from suffering humans.

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