Resistance with Cameras not Guns

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There is a movement happening in America of resistance with a camera.  Thousands of informed young people are getting active.  They are disillusioned with the government and are tired of losing their individual rights under the Constitution.

Groups like We Are Change and Checkpoint USA are using the internet to inform the general public about the true state of America.  Armed with knowledge and cameras they record town hall meetings on subjects relating to liberties.  They attend protests to cover the police state tactics being used on peaceful assemblies.  They go through random checkpoints to record themselves resisting  searches without probable cause.

This growing number of street reporters is not only clogging the system, but also turning some powerful heads.  We Are Change, for example, has been engaged in ambush journalism on many members of the powerful elite.  They are truly becoming a thorn in the side of the establishment with this NON-violent tactic.

Read a new article on this tactic here.



Waking up to the Truth

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It is obvious to most reflective people that our culture is destructive in terms of peace, prosperity, liberty, social justice, and the environment.  This awareness started for me when observing a number of world events that didn’t seem to add up anymore.  My heightened curiosity was due to the profound awakening that I experienced at the birth of my first child.  Although I already did care about the world around me, it suddenly seemed far more vital to me.
I’ve been perplexed by the following:
• Environmental Devastation
• Unprovoked wars for false reasons
• Religious violence
• Anti-liberty legislation
• Severe economic injustice
• Global collapse of the financial industry with no accountability
• Massive consolidation of industry into cartels
• A 2-Party political system working in concert with these cartels
• New President with no significant changes
• A highly skeptical Swine Flu National Emergency
It seems like things have gotten crazy to me and I know I’m not alone.  Like many others, I woke up one day to discover that our culture was upside down and its destruction to our environment is utterly unsustainable.  It reminds me of the Michael Ellner quote, “Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.”
Anger made it too easy to blame the “other” political party, the corrupt government, greedy corporations, different religions, crumbling education, or the mass media.   It eventually became clear that they are all fish in the same polluted sea, and so are we.  We were just as much to blame for we are the system, and only we can change it.
Through my information journey I realized a glaring truth, a universal truth some might say, that we are all profoundly connected to each other and our environment, that all of my actions affect the whole, good or bad.  Upon accepting the reality of that we are interconnected, my analysis of our upside down culture became much clearer.  Now, it appears to me that the promotion of a division has been blatantly manufactured to create social conflict and competition to feed a system that primarily benefits the empires of industry.
The truth is very simple to discern in our culture when something doesn’t make sense to you.  Just find out who benefits from a crazy event or confusing policy and follow their money trail.  It’s that simple to get answers in our culture based on greed and division.  The cultural ship is fueled by values of greed and power with complete disregard for human suffering while leaving environmental wreckage in its wake.
For example, you start to put the pieces together when you realize that our most common of resources on Earth, like water, are controlled by only a handful of private multinational corporations who benefit from humanity’s absolute need for it.  Consequently, when other industry pollutes fresh water they create value out of scarcity for the water conglomerates. When you follow their actions and political influence you begin to realize that governments and industry cartels are one in the same.  In other words, we are beholden to them for all vital resources which force us to participate in the system –thus our very survival enslaves us to the system whether we like it or not.
In fact, the oft referred to saying of the elite is “Order out of Chaos, Divide and Conquer.”  Division seemed calculated in every political speech, every advertisement, every religious sermon, every classroom, and every news cast.  The masses buy into this division and they form prejudices about their neighbors, who then form biases towards them.  This division feeds fear, breeds anxiety, which turns to hate, which leads to destructive actions.  It creates a “dog-eat-dog” economy where greed always trumps the environment, compassion, and fairness.  Clearly this is destructive and unsustainable.
The absolute truth that we’re all connected to everything leaves us one path forward – sustainability.  Everything from the way we relate to each other, build things, produce food, apply industry, operate government, and much more needs to be transformed with new values of harmony and sustainability if humanity expects to survive.  The good news is that all it takes is to change our values and apply them one person at a time.  In other words, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi.


White House Backs Bankers not People

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Dan Froomkin
Chicago Bank Protests

Chicago Bank Protests

As the battle lines are drawn between the people and the bankers outside the ABA convention in Chicago, the question arises: Which side is the White House on, exactly?

Yes, the Obama administration is pushing to dramatically increase the regulation of consumer and other financial transactions that have run amok, but there is widespread concern from across the political spectrum that the White House is neither going far enough nor fighting hard enough. And time and again — most notably with the ongoing $700 billion bailout — Obama administration policies have put the interests of bankers and Wall Street ahead of those of impoverished families, unemployed workers or underwater homeowners.
One reason — which has never been directly addressed by Obama — may be that many of his chief financial advisers have pocketed extraordinary amount of money from banks and Wall Street, and presumably intend to do so again. They are part of the banker class, and their loyalties have been bought and paid for.
Back in April, when the White House released financial disclosure forms late one Friday, those few people paying attention learned just how stupendously beholden Obama’s top economic adviser, Larry Summers, is to the financial industry that he is ostensibly trying to rein in. Read entire article here